Posted by: Bill | June 7, 2012

Farewell Bangkok, Hello NY!

Last day in Bangkok.  We leave the hotel late tonight.  Ready to be home but not looking forward to 30 hrs of travelling.

When setting up business visits, I had not planned to visit Tyco Electronics in Bangkok.  After all we had already visited their distribution center in Singapore, and one of their finance people took us out to lunch in Penang.  But when I received an email from TE, specifically inviting us to visit their sales office in Bangkok, how could I refuse?  TE has been such a great help to us on these trips over the years, and their continued support and generosity is greatly appreciated.  After giving us a very informative presentation about not only their business, but of the business climate in Southeast Asia, they gave us a brief tour, and then took us out to a terrific lunch.  We had, you guessed it, Thai food!  Thanks to Ms. Sureeporn for setting up this visit.

After lunch we scattered to do various things before we leave this evening.

Mr. Rakkiet explains Tyco’s sales strategy to the group.  Rakkiet is his first name.  Most of the people we met went only by their first name, because their family names are so long.  For example, Mr. Rakkiet’s last name is Hongkanjanapong.

The group with Tyco’s staff.  They also gave us gifts before we left.

The streets of Bangkok.

These little open air food courts are everywhere.

In this climate, frequent cold drinks are a necessity.

Bangkok is known as the Venice of the east.  There is a great deal of water transportation available.  You can just barely see them, but in the photo directly above, there are people swimming alongside the boat.  In reality they are scrubbing the boat at the water line.  An unenviable task in the greenish brown water.

Another common form of transportation in Bangkok are the ubiquitous Tuk-tuks.  Yesterday we saw about 8 girls pile into one of these things.  The tuk-tuk drivers are infamous for taking you where they want you to go, rather than where you want to go.

It is amazing to see shops, homes, and restaurants positioned in these dark little alleys.

I’m not sure but these appear to be the Bangkok equivalent of Boy Scouts.

A pickup game of football (soccer).  Football is a popular sport throughout Asia.

That’s it!  We absolutely loved Bangkok.  It was a great contrast to Singapore and Malaysia.  This has been a great trip.   I’ll probably have one more post to wrapup once we get home.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us this wonderful experience our kids are living in Asia! Great photos! Trip of a lifetime for my son and the other students! Merci !

  2. They got gifts at TE? We didn’t get anything…

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